Out of the City

While living in Milan, we plan on taking full advantage of our weekends, since the hubster will be pretty tied up with classes and studying during the week. We are lucky in the fact that Stazione Centrale is a quick metro and subway ride from our house and from there we can catch the fast trains to places like Florence, Lake Como, Venice, the Cinque Terre, the French Riviera, and Switzerland.

Half way between us the and Stazione Centrale is the Duomo. Perhaps the most iconic building in Milan, it takes my breath away each time I see it. On Friday evening we walked through the Duomo square on our way to dinner. I wish I had a better camera to capture these moments (working on that!) but here are a few pictures we took Friday evening. The first one is taken from our street as we’re walking to our metro stop.

The next morning, after sleeping in until the late hour of 7:30 (oh how life has changed), we made our way to the train station to spend the day at Lake Maggiore, one of the beautiful lakes in the Lombardy region and just next to the more popular Lake Como. Our train stopped at the little town of Stresa and we made our way down the hill to the lake. From there, we bought passes to board a small boat that would take us to two little islands just off shore.

On the first island we found lunch with a view, some crazy gourds, and dolci!



















A sad looking lemon tree, but lemon nonetheless, so I took a picture!











The second island was called Isola Bella, and rightfully so, as it boasted some beautiful gardens and views.
















This one is for you, mom.























After the islands, we made the trek back up to the train station only to miss our train due to the two men in front of us who couldn’t figure out how to buy their tickets. While I was slightly annoyed, it was a beautiful evening and we really weren’t in any rush to get home. Quinn was overjoyed because it meant we got to play in the park that we had passed by earlier…






















The second to last leg of our day was a walk to the metro from the subway by the Duomo. Walking up out of the subway we heard beautiful music filling the Duomo square. On the steps of the Duomo stood an enormous choir, the Italian Gospel Choir, of all things! The choir had 250 members and was performing for the first time in public. It was unbelievable.









Quinn is such a trooper. He only napped for about an hour all day, got his first scuffed chin and shins, and was forced to eat french fries… and yet, this was him at nearly 10pm, just about home.


  1. Karen Ritchey says:

    Jenn….your pictures were fabulous…felt like I got a mini vacation! Loved them all…and then I got to poor little Quinn about to pick up a slice of fungus…and I stopped and gasped! Then I saw your comment…which suggested that you expected that reaction from me! Miss you all. Quinn is looking like a little boy and not a baby anymore. So cute! You look marvelous of course, and Scott…I am learning to love him as well xoxoxo

  2. Karen Ritchey says:

    Sorry that you are feeling lonely for your family…everyone is praying for you guys and missing you too…God has placed you there for a purpose, even more than Scott going to School. It will be so exciting to watch and see how it all unfolds…It’s like a movie in the making. Sure love you, Flower Girl! xoxo

  3. (insert peacock call from Loni and I)
    you know which pictures this is for.

  4. Looks like a fun adventure. Long day but full of neat stuff. Nice pictures. You have a talent for making your escapades interesting. Great to ichat yesterday and see you all. Have a great day and keep posting! Dad

  5. greyisbeautiful says:

    Love the pictures! look at your little man walking the streets of Italy :) what an adorable smile he has.

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