Casa Dolce Casa

Finally, I took a good set of pictures of our apartment to satisfy those who have been asking to see it. Truthfully, if I were a better housewife I could have had these up long ago, but for goodness sakes, it takes a lot of time to keep a house looking clean when there’s a toddler running around.

And I know no one wants to see pictures of a messy house.

So here we go!

We live on the 3rd floor. Our Patio is just above the second floor windows. She’s in the middle of getting a new coat of paint.

My cool purple plant that welcomes us home.

Looking down the hall from the front entrance onto the patio.

Living room/Quinn’s playroom/Scott’s study room/Guest room! Big red couch is a pullout. Taking reservations now!

Kitchen/Laundry Room/Where I blog from. That little tiny white appliance between my stove and dish washer is our washing machine. It’s running now. It’s loud for its size.

The stove is gas. I know because I have to light it with a match. And whoever made it decided that the best place to cut costs was the door. It gets very hot when I’m using the oven. It makes baking with Quinn around a breeze.

The fridge and a few kitchen essentials!

Our bathroom. Equipped with a bidet and all, which, Quinn has turned into storage for his bath toys. I know, gross, but don’t worry, it’s brand spankin new and someone’s got to use it!

And last but not least, our bedroom. Where all the magic happens. Haha, ya right, that’s Quinn’s crib right there too.

Ok, I’m not really going to end with a picture of our bedroom. I’ll end with this glorious sunset instead. Hope you enjoyed the tour, and seriously, come visit!


  1. Very nice, Jenn! Looks great! Thanks for keeping all of us updated!

  2. Kathlyn Wolpin says:

    Jenn, your home is beautiful and I love your commentary along with each picture!

  3. Marie Irwin says:

    Nice apartment Jenn. You three are really blessed, both for having this opportunity to live in Italy and be able to tour and stuff as well!

    • We are blessed. I remind myself of that every day and try not to take it for granted. I wish everyone had this kind of opportunity. Thanks for the comments! Love you!

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