Decision Day + Beautiful Bergamo

Lately it’s the question that I’ve heard the most.

“Where will you be delivering your baby?”

Truth is, I have no idea. And instead of it being a well-planned and thought out answer (like I would prefer), it’s pretty much in the hands of a few Italian men and woman who are determining Scott’s future at Bocconi and whether or not he will be accepted into an exchange program for his fall 2012 quarter to one of two top business schools in the states. If he is accepted, every effort will be made to secure a great summer marketing internship in the states and in less than two months Quinn, belly and I will be saying good-bye to this lovely land while Scott finishes up spring quarter then joins us in June.

Today is the day we hopefully will find out.

I say hopefully because in true Italian fashion, there’s a chance we’re going to have to wait until April. I’ll spare the details, but let’s just say we hope that doesn’t happen.

In an effort to get my mind off what could be the enormity of today, I am browsing through pictures of a peaceful day we spent last weekend in a virtually un-discovered-by-tourists town 40 minutes north-east of Milan.


While lower Bergamo is a large, modern, sprawling city, a short ride up the funicular will get you to Citta alta– or upper, historic Bergamo. It is still surrounded by strong Venetian walls built centuries ago which now seem to be more symbolic of who can reside in the town than for protection, as the minimum price for buying property here is now 2,000,000 euro.

Walking through lower Bergamo towards the funicular, we came across a chocolate festival. Poor us. We ate more chocolate before 11 am than a pubescent teenager does in a week!

Yes, that is me drinking vanilla bean white hot chocolate. I’m quite happy about it too.

Here’s my ride for the day. Pink Vespa! Ok, here is what I wish my ride would have been for the day!

A short stroll up from the funicular, we came to Piazza Vecchia. Here, we had coffee in Caffe’ del Tasso, a cafe that had been around since 1476 (no big deal), Quinn got to further explore his love of fountains plus kick around his soccer ball, and we ate a simple lunch of fresh olive bread, and cheese that had been made right there in the region.

One of the reasons we fell in love with Bergamo is because of its charming mix of old and new. While the upper city was already bustling about the same time Columbus discovered America (thanks for the history lesson, Scott), many of its shops and cafe interiors have now been modernized and are very welcoming.

My kind of window display!

Inside the city Duomo and a wall that caught my eye.

After exploring the town and working off all the chocolate we had eaten that morning, we thought it high time to taste test a dessert that Bergamo is known for: Polenta e Osei.

It is suppose to resemble a mound of polenta (the savory dish that Bergamo is most known for) with little chocolate marzipan birds on top. The cake gets its polenta-like appearance from yellow fondant being rolled in large sugar crystals. This covers a dollop of apricot marmalade, a layer of yellow cake and a cream center. Whew. One was definitely enough for the both of us, and I have to say I enjoyed discovering each layer probably more so than the actual taste.

To round off the day, Scott figured it best to try the actual polenta, of which Bergamo is known for. He chose a creamy polenta topped with a tapenade-type mix of artichokes, greens, and olives. It looked none too appealing but was absolutely delicious and we couldn’t put it down.

Our day in Bergamo brought much… peace. The feeling could be seen on our train ride home.  This picture touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes!


A feeling I do not take for granted. A feeling that I hope we will feel by the time our heads hit the pillow tonight.

Pray for us? And I’ll pray that you experience peace today too!


  1. Thinking of you, my friend and wishing you an extra share of peace today. Love you and your sweet boys.

  2. This is such an absolutely beautiful post! Wherever the baby is born is where he/she will be meant to be born! I’m convinced.

  3. Ah, decision day! I’m crossing my fingers and praying for you guys! I hope it’s today! Lets Skype soon and talk!!!!!!! Xoxo

  4. Cecelia Ritchey says:

    Praying as always that God will open the door soon & specifically today!! Brought tears to my eyes as well, can’t wait to see you this month! xxoo Mom

  5. Vickie Masters says:

    I’m loving your stories you are documenting. Please send me your link. Praying for your little family that’s growing.

  6. You have given us all a love for the old country across the ocean… You will never forget the beauty of this ancient place.. and I thank you for giving us such a beautiful description of the life there, the food and the peace that you experienced.. That picture of daddy and son is one you need to frame and keep.. One need not wonder whose son he is.. I hope you will soon get the right answer to your wishes.. We do pray for you daily.. and send you our love, Gram & Gramp

    • Trying hard to capture everything so we can remember it and tell our kids about it one day. Glad you’re enjoying my posts and thank-you, as always, for your love and prayers!

  7. What a beautiful post! I love all your photos – you’ve convinced me to add Bergamo to my travel list.

    Have you tried fettuccine al cacao? How is it typically served? The vanilla bean white hot chocolate sounds fantastic, as does the savory polenta. Reading this made me hungry ;).

    Praying for your and your family – I hope that all your questions about the future will be answered soon, and that in the meantime, you’ll experience peace as you wait.

    • Thank-you so much Laura, truly means a lot… I haven’t tried the fettuccine yet, but we did buy some and there are some cooking suggestions on the package. I’ll be sure to share what I decide to do with it! Bergamo was wonderful, you won’t regret going there!

  8. Jerrold says:

    Excellent documentation of a special day. Great shots of the boys and you too. Will keep your situation in prayer until things are decided. We are now in Loma Linda for the week-end APC Convention and chapter meetings. Love dad

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