The Weekend: Captured

Scott and I have been reminiscing A LOT lately. I’m not sure why.

Maybe because we know we are on the verge of another huge life change and we want to keep “past” lives fresh in our minds.

We play a little game in the car. We see how many memories we can come up with of certain homes we’ve lived, towns we’ve called home, or friends we miss. It’s fun!

And it’s crazy what one of us remembers and the other doesn’t, and what we both do.

This site started because I wanted to journal my culinary accomplishments, but also to document the time we spent living in Italy.

It’s become quite addicting and obviously has continued past Italy. For which I am grateful. I don’t have quite as much time to put into it as I use to, (hopefully that will change again soon) but we love being able to go back through the pages to revisit what we’ve seen, eaten, and enjoyed.

This weekend really wasn’t all that exciting or busy, but it’s these simplest of moments that are fun to highlight and etch in our minds. Hope you all had a lovely weekend, with lots of fun little moments to remember.

Picture Notes

1. Eating out = musical chairs/kids!

2. The view from of our back yard this weekend. A couple weeks ago it looked like this.

3. A quick stop for some great coffee at Barismo. A simple cafe that’s all about the coffee. Quinn found a comfy seat while he waited.

4. Fall in New Hampshire = puddles, beautiful colours, and babies in hoodies!

5. What I made this weekend: Honeycrisp apple, sharp white cheddar and sage grilled cheese; creamy salted caramel (my tried and true recipe is here); whole wheat bread (there’s nothing much better than getting your hands in some beautiful dough! Here’s the recipe I used).

6. Short road trip to the cute little coastal town of Portsmouth, NH.

7. Church in the middle of Portsmouth that I happened to take a pretty cool picture of!

(All pictures filtered with Instagram)


  1. I do enjoy your blogs about your various adventures in your short 8 years of being together.. Not too many folks have had all the variety that you two have had and gained two kids in the middle of it.. Wont you be happy when you settle down to a more relaxed and normal life?? Enjoy each day wherever you are what it sounds like you are doing. Love, G

  2. Such cute pictures, Jenn! I’m loving the fall colors and your cute fam! Plus that grilled cheese looks like heaven :).

  3. I loved your post Jenn. Inspired me to make a conscious effort to remember the I living more fully. We miss you guys so much, but love seeing all the pics. You all are such a beautiful little family! God is good.

  4. Aww you have such an adorable family! I love that we get to remember along with you. :)

  5. You guys are the cutest–made my heart smile, it did!

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