Baking for the Quinn of England

London is one of the cities that tops my list of places that I really want to visit while we are here in Milan.  I don’t know if it’s my Canadian ties to the royal city that is drawing me in, or if I have just heard so many cool things about the place. Either way, we found some super cheap tickets on Easyjet, one of Europe’s “no frills” airlines (and I mean NO frills), got an offer from some friends to stay at their place, and just like that, we are headed to the great UK this weekend!

As usual, Quinn gets the bad end of the stick when we travel because he is so limited as to what he can eat. So this week I found a couple of great recipes that I knew would pack well and at least offer him a little happiness along with a little nutrition.

Warning: These are healthy, vegan, but dare I say, delicious recipes and I have adapted them from a couple other blogs that I love.

One: Soft Granola Cookies

Recipe adapted from Haystacks & Champagne.

I followed Anca’s recipe pretty close, but made a few substitutions based on what I had at home. I swapped dried cranberries for her dried apple, used quick oats instead of old fashioned (cause it’s all I have in Italy folks), grated in some fresh nutmeg instead of cloves, added 1/4 cup brown sugar, and instead of using chopped nuts I simply tripled the amount of ground almonds.

I tried to find an airplane cookie cutter for Quinn. You know, to make them more masculine and all, but the only one I could find was super small. No buono. But aren’t these little things adorable? I think Anca’s are prettier, but hey, it was my first attempt!

Two: Pear Baked Oatmeal Muffins

Recipe adapted from With Style & Grace

This recipe caught my eye because I find nothing more comforting in the morning than a big bowl of hot oatmeal, topped with whatever fruits and nuts I have on hand, splashed with milk, and sprinkled generously with brown sugar. Unfortunately Quinn’s oatmeal eating skills leave more on his pj’s than in his mouth so I thought these would be perfect for him.

I was right.

They are delicious and can be rewarmed in the morning for that same comforting feeling that a bowl offers. Quinn ate 3 in the first sitting!

Again, I switched up the recipe a little based on what I had. I used a pear instead of an apple, omitted the coconut milk and used oat milk instead, and substituted a mashed banana and a little bit more baking powder for the egg whites.

And now to get to the packing. The no frills airline only allows for one carry-on piece a person. Handbags count. Backpacks it is, and I guess we’ll pay the extra $$ to be able to take one small suitcase. Maybe I can get out of the extra charge by bribing the ticket agent with some baked goods…



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