Slice of Heaven — Part 2

As mentioned in Slice of Heaven — Part 1, we were able to get out and explore one of the small Tuscan towns that was very close to Ponzano. San Gimignano is a delightful little destination that can be easily covered by foot in just a couple hours. Before we left, Sonny, our host at Ponzano, told us that we must visit a certain gelato shop. “The owner,” he said, “looks like Einstein and makes the best gelato around from his tiny little shop.” Naturally, we took Sonny’s advice and between the two of us, tasted six different flavours including: Vanilla (of course), cinnamon, caramel, coconut, blackberry-lavender, and orange cream! While in the town, we also witnessed a bride and groom emerging from a church as newlyweds– perfectly timed as all the bells in the town began to ring. We also had lunch, did a little shopping, and let Quinn get out of his trusty stroller so he too could stretch his legs and work off some of that gelato!

Here are some parting shots as we were leaving Sunday morning. We were lucky to get Sonny and Alba to sit down for a second so that we could get their picture. Well, Sonny sat and Alba just posed!

If it’s not obvious, Scott and I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Torre di Ponzano to anyone who is planning on spending time in Tuscany!

Slice of Heaven — Part 1

There are few places I have visited that evoke the feelings of being at home like Torre di Ponzano. And home is what I needed this weekend. We were lucky enough to have visited Ponzano’s rolling Tuscan hills, olive groves, centuries-old stones, lavender, and gracious hosts two years ago, so I call it a pure blessing that we were able to go there once again.

The setting is like Heaven itself. Honestly. This is how I picture Heaven to be. Or a part of it anyway. It is seemingly untouched by the cares of the world and when you are there, yours disappear too. In addition to the beauty and calmness, owners Alba and Sonny are two of the loveliest, most accommodating and gracious people I have ever met.

I’m not sure that pictures can capture what I am trying to say, but here are several from our stay at Ponzano this past weekend.

These first two are taken from the window’s in our room. What a view! (Click on them to see a bigger image.)

Barberino Val D’Elsa is a tiny little town minutes from Ponzano that has some good coffee and a fun playground.  The first picture is of Quinn and I, sitting at the same table where I sat just over two years ago dreaming of having a child of my own. I think it was Ponzano that gave me the relaxation I needed to make that happen…

This post is getting way too long! I will post more pictures of us exploring a close-by little town and some parting shots of Ponzano soon.


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