Warm Hummus Piadine with Radicchio, Cucumber and Shallots

My take on this weeks Food Matters Project recipe was inspired by this beautiful variegated radicchio that is in season in Italy right now.

Love the purple hues of the radicchio, garlic and shallots!

This weeks Food Matters Project recipe for Mark Bittman’s Hummus was chosen by the lovely Erin of Naturally Ella. For the recipe please visit her site. You can also take a peek at how others used the recipe by clicking here.

The only change I made was to use cannellini beans instead of chickpeas. I always do this when making hummus, it makes for a much creamier dish! Mark Bittman’s recipe is wonderful. Hummus doesn’t usually conjure up feelings of warmth and glee for me, but this stuff did. And the recipe makes enough for leftovers, so it can be enjoyed all week long!

What is a Piadine?

Piadina is traditional Italian flatbread, that is usually served with different cheeses, meats, or vegetables to make a piadine. I like to say it’s one of Italy’s “fast foods” because they are usually pre-made and staring at you from behind shop windows, calling your name and saying, “I’m healthy, I’m fast, you’re hungry, EAT me!”

Warm Hummus Piadine with Radicchio, Cucumber and Shallots


One recipe of Bittman’s Hummus *Note: I always substitute cannellini beans when making hummus. Makes it much creamier!

Four piadina or other flat bread

One head radicchio or other fun lettuce, thinly chopped

One cucumber, thinly sliced

2-4 shallots, sliced and lightly sauteed

One lemon, for it’s juice


Spread a good amount of hummus over entire surface of piadina. Warm in the oven or microwave. Top one side with cucumber, radicchio and shallots. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over top. Fold piadina then cut in half.

Eat, share with others, and feel good about this healthy “fast food!”


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